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Preprint copies or HTML links are provided below in most cases. They are listed in approximate chronological order, with most recent listed last. Bailey, “A high-performance fast Fourier transform algorithm for the Cray-2,” Journal of Supercomputing, vol. Bailey, “Numerical results on the transcendence of constants involving Pi, E, and Gamma,” Mathematics of Computation, vol. Bailey, “The computation of Pi to 29, , decimal digits using Borweins’ quartically convergent algorithm,” Mathematics of Computation, vol. Calahan and David H. Bailey, “Measurement and analysis of memory conflicts on vector multiprocessors,” in Joanne L. Bailey and Helaman R. Ferguson, “A Strassen-Newton algorithm for high-speed parallelizable matrix inversion,” Proceedings of Supercomputing , Oct , pg.

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Available books are clearly labeled and many include online reviews. Just click on the title link to go directly to the page where you can purchase the book. Books are listed alphabetically, by title. The status of those titles available for purchase online is indicated where available. Just click on the title and follow the instructions for ordering.

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When I asked for the discount membership which constituted my doing the work, she told me in a very insulting email that that wasn’t going to happen. Besides representing to me that her club members had a average net worth of 10 million dollars, she failed to represent that her company is owned by GE Management Group Boca Raton Florida which shares a address and phone number with Great Expectations. I had told her that I had been a member there before I joined.

Also, Precision Dating and Great Expectations share a database. Besides being unprofessional and failing to provide the level of service and quality of member which she alleges, she is insulting and condescending. In searching both the male and female profiles in her databank, it is obvious that her members do not average 10 million dollars in net worth. Many of them are teachers, secretaries, and just average middle class people.

I have personally met and spoken with at least 6 men from this group. Four of them didn’t have net worth of , Two had more significant assets, but one of them is married. Bottom line- these people fail to perform what they say they will provide and are insulting and unprofwssional when asked to maintain their contract.

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Examples of biometric traits. Some of these traits, viz. Online version in colour.

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B, The supine and inwardly rotated position of the left foot are further features of clubfoot. Analysis of Pathology in the Feet of Tutankhamun View Large Download A, The heads of all metatarsal bones as well as metatarsal phalangeal articulations of the right foot are clearly discernable and completely preserved. B, In the left foot, the second metatarsal bone head yellow arrowheads shows signs of bone necrosis accompanied by anterior displacement of the second toe and widening of the second metatarsophalangeal joint space white arrowheads.

The third metatarsal bone head is similarly deformed blue arrowheads , displaying features of bone necrosis as well. Metatarsal bone heads 1, 4, and 5 are normal in size and structure. C, The right foot shows no pathological findings. The second metatarsal bone head shows evidence of necrosis with loss of bone substance and soft tissue yellow arrowhead. The second toe of the left foot lacks the middle phalanx oligodactyly [hypophalangism], black arrowhead.

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My daughter has been after me for three years to do this. I got married for the first time in May of First husband was in the Navy and stationed in California.

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Norse colonization of the Americas Voyages of the Vikings to America. Norse journeys to Greenland and Canada are supported by historical and archaeological evidence. Christopher Columbus , John Cabot , Amerigo Vespucci and Giovanni da Verrazzano Early explorations and conquests were made by the Spanish and the Portuguese immediately following their own final reconquest of Iberia in In the Treaty of Tordesillas , ratified by the Pope, these two kingdoms divided the entire non-European world into two areas of exploration and colonization, with a north to south boundary that cut through the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern part of present-day Brazil.

As a result, by the mid th century, the Spanish Crown had gained control of much of western South America, and southern North America , in addition to its earlier Caribbean territories. Other European nations soon disputed the terms of the Treaty of Tordesillas. England and France attempted to plant colonies in the Americas in the 16th century, but these failed. England and France succeeded in establishing permanent colonies in the following century, along with the Dutch Republic.

Some of these were on Caribbean islands, which had often already been conquered by the Spanish or depopulated by disease, while others were in eastern North America, which had not been colonized by Spain north of Florida. In the 18th century, Denmark—Norway revived its former colonies in Greenland , while the Russian Empire gained a foothold in Alaska. Denmark-Norway would later make several claims in the Caribbean, starting in the s.

As more nations gained an interest in the colonization of the Americas, competition for territory became increasingly fierce.

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Rubidium silver iodide RbAg4I5 has the highest room temperature conductivity of any known ionic crystal , a property exploited in thin film batteries and other applications. Rubidium forms salts with halides, producing rubidium fluoride , rubidium chloride , rubidium bromide , and rubidium iodide. Isotopes of rubidium Although rubidium is monoisotopic , rubidium in the Earth’s crust is composed of two isotopes: It readily substitutes for potassium in minerals , and is therefore fairly widespread.

Rb has been used extensively in dating rocks ; 87Rb beta decays to stable 87Sr.

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Journe chronology Graduates from the Ecole d’horlogerie de Paris “By earning my watchmaker’s diploma, I left scholastic rhythms behind me, with a feeling of gaining incredible freedom! Journe Spends a period in his uncle’s antique watch restoration workshop in Paris “My eight-year period of working with my uncle Michel Journe allowed me to discover the origins of watchmaking up until the 19th century and enabled me to meet many important collectors.

Planetarium in yellow and white gold, diamonds and rubies, and 12 panels in lapis lazuli, decorated with the zodiac signs representing the 12 months of the year. It features a synchronised pendulum with an arm supporting a wheel train animating the different planets turning around the sun: The Earth with its satellites, Venus and Mercury.

Working with the little experience I had behind me, I devoted all my free time to this project and it took me five years to complete it. I crafted every single component as well as the gold and in silver case.

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There are only four major deposit areas in the central Mediterranean: Lipari , Pantelleria , Palmarola and Monte Arci. Like all glass and some other types of naturally occurring rocks, obsidian breaks with a characteristic conchoidal fracture. It was also polished to create early mirrors. Modern archaeologists have developed a relative dating system, obsidian hydration dating , to calculate the age of obsidian artifacts.

PTS Connect. Precision Technology Solutions service app to stream line all service requests.5/5(3).

Adena Health System Chillicothe, Ohio. Adena Health System is comprised of three hospitals and six regional clinics, with a total of beds. Agnesian HealthCare, which has 3, associates, is a strong proponent of employee wellness and fitness. Anna Jaques Hospital is a bed independent, nonprofit community hospital that serves 17 cities and towns in the Merrimack Valley, North Shore and southern New Hampshire. The nonprofit health system is comprised of six medical centers, a rehabilitation center and a home care and hospice company, as well as community-based providers who are affiliated with the system through Atlantic Medical Group.

Baptist Health South Florida is comprised of 15, employees and 2, physicians across seven hospitals. BayCare is a nonprofit health system with 14 hospitals and more than 26, team members. Benefis Health System, a nonprofit community hospital system, has more than 3, employees and partners with more than area physicians. Boca Raton Regional Hospital is a nonprofit, advanced tertiary medical center with beds, more than 2, employees and over primary and specialty physicians on staff.

Boston Medical Center places high value on diversity. Nearly half 46 percent of its 6, employees identify with a minority group.

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Measurement of the 14C abundance in a low-background liquid scintillator. Radiocarbon accelerator mass spectrometry: Radiocarbon after four decades: Monte Verde, a late pleistocene settlement in Chile.

Raymond N. Rogers was the head of the chemistry experiments for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), the team of twenty-four researchers that performed the first ever in-depth scientific examination of the controversial relic in

The assembly line is often described as a process that uses machines to move material from one place to another, but in practice, machines are not always needed. For instance, mass-market jewelers often use assembly lines in which materials are handed from one worker to another, without the benefit of machinery. At its most basic, an assembly line is a series of stations at which people or machines add to or assemble parts for a product.

One of the values of the assembly line is its versatility: An assembly line can begin as many different lines each devoted to a different component of a product, with the lines converging upon one another, becoming fewer until only one line is left for the final product. Automotive companies often have assembly lines that begin with raw materials and end five miles away with a completed automobile. A structure for a complex assembly line begins as one main line with stations along it that are fed by lines running perpendicular to it, with each of these side lines feeding components for the finished product.

Although the assembly line has occasionally been considered outmoded, it has survived by repeatedly changing its form. Foundations of the Assembly Line The idea of the assembly line has many parents. In the scientific revolution of the eighteenth century, scientists, especially mathematicians tried to quantify what made an industry productive and tried to find ways to make industries more productive. The goal was to create an industry that functioned without human labor.

The most important people of the time for the development of the assembly line were the Americans Oliver Evans and Eli Whitney and the Frenchman Gaspard Monge. Evans is known for his invention of the first motorized amphibious vehicle, but his most influential achievement was to design a flour mill. During the late eighteenth century, he used steam engines to power mills that used belt and screw conveyors, as well as moving hoppers, to move grain through the process of becoming flour and then to move the flour to where it could be packaged.

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