remington 1858 new model – serial number help?

The model 5T has a true tabulator instead of the five-space or paragraph key found on its near-twin, the model 5. It cost no more than the regular model 5: The specimen pictured above was made in Canada. Most were made before This typewriter is similar to the 3 , but looks more solid and has a broader, boxier shape. Remington literature describes the 5 as “the world’s best seller,” and it was certainly an enduring member of the Remington line.

When Was My Gun Made? Firearm Dates by Serial Number

Shotshells and Ballistics There is a bewildering array of commercially loaded shotgun shells for sale, from the. In fact, there are more types of shells and shot sizes on the market now than ever before. With the overwhelming selection of shells available, here, finally, is a practical, reasonably priced book that makes sense of it all. It lists commercially available shotshell loads from the. Each shotgun shell with each loading has its own table—over 1, tables!!

You can not date the gun by the serial number. There is a one or 2 digit code stamped on the left side of the barrel right next ti where it joins the.

There may have been some confusion with the other Remington 6, which was a Rolling Block single shot rimfire rifle that Remington made from to The following year the was introduced, which is still currently being made. This newer design has a newer internal design, while still maintaining the same exterior configuration. It was designated model 6, and the Model The calibers available were 6mm Rem.

Again what ever was done for the was paralleled in the as for the wood, improved firing pins, reinforced hardened steel insert rail in the receiver, scope mounting hole changes, locking lugs and magazine latch being enlarged.


What year was my Winchester manufactured? Serial Number Reference What year was my Winchester manufactured? These pages were scanned from documents compiled over the years by the customer service department of Winchester Repeating Arms. None of the page scans are of original documents but are simply transcribed information typed into a word processing program.

Proof codes for date of manufacture for Italian replica six-shooters People ask, how old is my (insert make here: Uberti, Jager, ASM, Pietta) sixgun? The answer is not perhaps as obvious as it is with things made in USA and collected in USA, say Colt, SW, Ruger, Winchester, Remington.

Range inside yards. Bullet impacts chest, produces hydrostatic shock, instant coma, followed by death. Inspection of carcass reveals internal wounding was excellent, vitals destroyed Please refer to the game killing section for more detailed information on the exact mechanics of hydrostatic shock, an often misunderstood term. In the example just given, the. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the same 30 caliber projectiles will give the same results on light bodied deer.

Regardless of the power of the. As always, bullet weights and bullet construction must be matched to the job at hand. Again, referring to the example given, a change to the grain Partition in the 7mm Magnum would have effected immediate collapse of the kg animal. Excessive throat wear is a problem and can occur very quickly.

If a rifle is shot in strings for practice, the early signs of accuracy loss can be seen in as little as rounds. With care and attention to barrel heat, friction prevention and bore finish, optimum accuracy can be maintained for approximately rounds. With great care, barrel life can be extended further, for up to rounds. This to round figure is perhaps the most sound barrel budget, but again, bore care and shooting habits are key factors.

With cleaning procedures, one could easily reason that the less abrasives used on an already fast wearing abrased bore the better.

Remington 700 serial number-date?

History of Remington Rifles II. Model 12 Variations IV. Outline of Features V.

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Heavy barrel versions with laminated stocks like the Model SPS varmint are available for varmint hunting. In , catering to long range varmint and target shooters, Remington introduced the 5-R “Mil-Spec” as a small-quantity production run stainless steel rifle, matched to a non-adjustable H-S Precision stock with an aluminum bedding block with two forward sling swivel studs.

The “Mil-Spec” refers solely to the 5-R rifling profile designed by Boots Obermeyer and used in the single broach-cut barrels he produces for use in the M24, M40, and other sniper rifle systems. The contour of the hammer-forged production Remington barrel is much thinner than that used in the M24 and M40 rifle systems. Remington produced a ML muzzleloading rifle from onward.

The EtronX electronic primer ignition system was implemented in the Model EtronX introduced in , [5] though this model was a commercial failure and ceased production in , along with the Etronx primers themselves. Both rifles also come optionally in a Tactical Weapons System TWS package, complete with telescopic sights, a bipod, and carrying case. The P series appears to have been influenced by the designs, features, and success of the M24 Sniper Weapon System and the M40 series, with one feature of the Model P series being the heavier and thicker barrel for increased accuracy and reduced recoil.

The rifle was chambered for the. The P has a 26″ barrel, an aluminium block bedding in its stock, which is made by HS Precision. The police version P is also marketed to private citizens and is very popular with shooters and hunters who like the “government issue” appearance as well as the handling and accuracy. Remington also sells the standard, U. They are similar in most respects to the P but lack the H-S Precision stock. Marine Corps ‘ M40 sniper rifles are built from the Remington Model rifle, in different degrees of modification, the main difference being the custom fitted heavy contour barrel.

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Bench of Woods Marshall. Frank Marshall described his use of the Ideal grain bullet sized to. Two quotes from the article: A notable as the whump increase, was the improved accuracy of this longer bearing overall form. I dont recommend this. Next, Forrest Asmus in Fouling Shot 64 describes his use of the Lyman grain bullet in his 7.

Jun 28,  · Bought this gun off the used rack at the local gun store. It now sports a Browning two piece carrier (speed feed), and a custom made +3 choate extension. We shortened the barrel to .

Posts 51 I may not have a complete answer for you, but I can give you a general range as to when the gun was manufactured. The Remington Model 10 A was manufactured between and , with a total production of about , units. The serial number on all guns made was preceded by the letter U. According to the Remington Society of America barrel date codes were used starting in This means that only later guns would have a date, specifically in the last 8 years of production.

According to the information you provided, the serial number correlates to before September of See here , page Records were recorded for Sept of showing that the serial numbers for that month were already above , I also found another source that shows the serial numbers ranging from through It is possible that the gun is from as early as The only item that I can not provide information on is the D It would be a nice collectors gun, but ealier models until around had issues with the hardness of metals being low causing eventual part failure, which chances are will be hard to find replacement parts for.

It would be worth having a gunsmith take a very good look at it before you take it out in the field and put some modern shells through it if you were going to shoot it.

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Bibliography Images Cover Page. Longman Green, Longman and Roberts, , insert, — Graphic derived from D.

The chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year. This number should be used as a point of reference only. It is not necessarily the very first serial number shipped, but it can be used to determine the approximate year your Ruger firearm was shipped.

D Leet secured the first United States patent for a paper shotshell with a metallic base in Crimp – means of closing the mouth end of a shell case to secure the shot Roll crimp – end of case turned into roll Pie crimp -means where shell end is folded over and sealed, looks like cut pie. Click small image for larger image. Maybe called the head, base or brass. A small cartridge designed for target shooting; — sometimes called ball cap.

Examples are 9mm and smaller. Gauge bore diameter – The gauge of a firearm is a unit of measurement used to express the diameter of the barrel. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties. Low brass – shotshell with short cup or brass covering.

Not So Special: A Critical View Of The 6.8mm SPC

How can you find the value of a Winchester Model 94 from the serial number? Valuing a Model 94 is similar to pricing used or antique cars. A five year old Chevy with only a few hundred miles on it will sell closer to the price of a new one than one with , miles even if both still look nearly new. And chosing between two K cars, the one that was gara…ged and had regular maintenance will bring much more than one with fading paint, torn seat covers, oil leaks, and crumpled fenders.

with the stability criteria and beyond-use dating information included within USP General Chapter).2 These data should be reviewed and fully understood before determining a BUD for any preparation. The most common sources for Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences (current edition).

Pedersen prior to the First World War. The first patent application on the gun was filed in In , seven patents were issued for the weapon. Six went to John Pedersen, and one went to Crawford C. Loomis, both employees of the Remington Arms Company. Many of the patented mechanisms were never utilized in a production gun. One has only to hold the Remington 51 to feel its quality. The first thing you notice is how well the grip fits your hand–the result of extensive testing with hand molds to determine the correct size and shape for the average hand.

Similar effort went into calculating the correct grip angle to allow the gun to point naturally. Very few guns feel so much like an extension of the hand as does the Remington The grip safety locks the disconnector, locks the sear in the hammer notch, locks the slide, and serves two additional functions. Since the grip safety does not pop out unless the gun is cocked, it acts as a cocked weapon indicator.

It also serves as a lock open device for the slide if it is engaged when the slide is retracted. Squeezing the grip safety with the slide locked open will cause the slide to close and, if a full magazine has been previously inserted, a round will be chambered.

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One of those practices led to many lost or hidden parts. That is the practice of semi-independent contractors essentially running company plant as an in house subcontractor. The practice worked like this: A journeyman craftsman was put in charge of running a particular shop or process in the plant and the company would provide the shop, materials, and power. The company would more or less decide what to pay him on a piece basis based on the production rate they saw in their prototyping stages.

He would then hire workers to run the machine or hand processes, and pay them on a per piece basis.

More than 40 years ago, the Model forever changed the way American shooters viewed autoloading shotguns. It was the first autoloader to combine the repeat-shot versatility of early-century models with the sleek, modern lines and handling qualities of revered double barrels. The Remington Model has been a field-proved favorite ever since.

Tweet I have an old. It was in pretty rough shape, with the stock all beat up and most of the stock finish gone. But although it was an ugly duckling, I kind of like ugly ducklings, as I like to turn them into swans. It is a Remington Model , Targetmaster. It is a single shot, bolt action,. I took it apart and cleaned it up and refinished the stock. It turned out pretty nice.

I mounted a Tasco 3 X 9 scope on it and it works great. It is clearly marked Targetmaster, Model on the barrel. When you open the bolt, there is a tray to place the ammunition on… And you just drop it on the tray and it will feed right into the chamber. When the rifle is cocked, there is a red cocking indicator that sticks out of the rear of the bolt. The barrel is longer than most barrels that are sold nowadays, at about 24 inches.

Today, we took it to the range for a little shooting session. I was shooting some CCI Minimag.

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They also fit the New England Firearms. Both are complete with mounting bolts, just missing the sling swivels on the lighter wood set. This is a must have reference book for Winchester Collectors. Hardbound with DJ in fine condition. The most lavish work ever produced on American long arms, this book has been published with the full cooperation of the Winchester Division of the Olin Corporation, as well as Winchester licensee, the U. The book’s large format presents many of the firearms in exquisite close-ups, accompanied by substantial details of history, development, and significance.

Variations within model groups are given ample attention, and the book’s organization gives an unequaled overview of nearly a century and a half of Winchester achievement. A unique, comprehensive table in the appendix gives serial numbers and related production data previously unavailable in any one source. Every collector and enthusiast will delight in its broad appeal, with over photographs in full color and more than in black and white.

This is a large formatted hardbound book with DJ measuring about 9 X 11 consisting of pages of text and lavish color photographs! The original owners name is in it on the first page.

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