THE HOLO HOOKUP collaboration box for February 2016 : Swatches and Review

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The Holo Hookup Box August 2017 Enchanted Forest

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Inspiration images via The Holo Hookup Cupcake Polish Queen Anthias is a grape bubblegum purple linear holographic with subtle pink shimmers and a slightly metallic finish. I realize that most holographics are “metallic-y” in nature, but this one seemed just a tad more so.

You need the low-vac switch so the converter will unlock in low vacuum situations, such as going up hill and heavy throttle. The brake cancel switch unlocks the TCC when the brakes are applied. Trucks that came stock with R4 trannys came with a low-vacuum switch and a brake cancel switch. The stock low-vac switch didn’t let the TCC unlock soon enough with this mod. I checked the vacuum on the stock switch and it kicked in at 3. The vacuum switch I recommend works real well as it kicks in at 7.

The brake cancel switch on R4 equipped trucks also disconnects the cruise control if equipped when the brakes are applied. Are you are doing this mod for one of the reasons I did, to get rid of some of the wiring and vacuum hoses that came on our trucks. This is one of the reasons I did this. The factory installed a couple of different types of pressure switches depending on the application.

The Holo Hookup November 2018 Dragons

Tik and Mak Taru like this. From the magical waters dripping out of his navel, Gan spun the physical universe. But sensing that one world was not large enough to contain all possible manifestations of life and experience, he divided the universe into multiple, parallel realities, and set six magnetic Beams in place to maintain the alignment of time, space, size, and dimension in all of them.

Both the R and R4 use a lockup-style torque converter that requires 12 volts and a pressure switch to lock up in Fourth gear. This eliminates the need for a manual switch. When retrofitted into early muscle cars, these trannys require the pressure switch to be changed and a few wires rerouted.

Swatches and Review Provided for Review Helllo! I have a lot of new pretty and nice smelling things from Vapid Lacquer to share today. Vapid Lacquer Cunning Two coats Light mink brown creme A lighter toned brown that leans on the warm side but not too much so. Goes on nice and smooth in two opaque coats. Vapid Lacquer Frosted Kisses Two coats Pale strawberry pink creme A sweet and soft pink that made me think of strawberry milk.

Formula is a breeze, slightly on the thicker side and two coats for coverage. Vapid Lacquer Naivete Two coats Pink toned nude creme A seriously beautiful and understated neutral with pink undertones. I love a good light neutral to wear as a palette cleanser and this does that for me. I applied with heavier hand and got opacity in two coats, if you apply thinner coats, you may find that you need a third.

Formula was comparable to the other cremes, aka easy peasy to apply. Vapid Lacquer Insipid Two coats Berry purple jelly base with black, purple, and cherry red holo micro-glitter Hello, you gorgeous polish you.

Swatch Vintage – All Swatch collections ever made

Share 13 shares A black leather choker was buckled around her neck and the costume featured long pieces of fabric covering one arm. Her black bodysuit was complete with leather straps tucked around her luscious legs. The year-old talented rapper shared behind-the-scenes images decked out in a black leather bondage suit with neon yellow tape covering her ample assets Sexy! Leather buckles and chains were wrapped around the Super Bass singer’s torso, revealing perfectly positioned pieces of tape on Nicki’s chest Minaj added height to her petite frame with a pair of thigh-grazing black leather boots featuring a host of buckles.

If you enjoy doing the occasional project around the house, wiring a basic light switch is one of the simplest DIY wiring jobs to complete. Installation of a single pole light switch, which is just a plain light switch with no extras, is quite easy. If you want to install a 3-way light switch.

Industry Glossary T1 A particular designation for a fast form of connection, by phone line, to the Internet. T1 bandwidth is roughly 1. There are also Fractional T1 lines. A T1 line can send a gigabyte of information in less than 10 seconds. It has the capability of many simultaneous between hundreds and and several hundred, depending on what each connection is doing and how much of the resource they are using “conversations” or connections within.

T1 supports voice, data and video at different frequencies on the same connection. T1 is a “full time connection” as opposed to dial-up. Also known as T-1 and sometimes DS1. T1 services are the perfect solution for businesses having moderately high bandwidth needs and many users. The European equivalent is an E1. T1c A particular designation for a fast form of connection, by phone line, to the Internet. A legitimate but rarely used broadband designation exactly twice the speed and capability of T1; a T1 is 24 voice channels or kbps while the T1c is 48 voice channels or kbps.

T2 A particular designation for a fast form of connection, by phone line, to the Internet. A legitimate but rarely used broadband designation exactly four times the speed and capability of T1; a T1 is 24 voice channels or kbps while the T2 is 96 voice channels or kbps.


Season 7 Ep Reza , joined by his husband Adam, recounts the challenging hurdles that led them to the brink of divorce. Mike finds himself on the defense after talk of his most recent failed relationship leads Destiney and Nema to question his treatment of women.

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To do this, we know we must build a fifth wheel that provides continuing pleasure over the long haul and in every aspect of the ownership experience. This has been our goal ever since we introduced the Montana. Montana is the envy of the industry and the Number One choice in North America because we bring together concepts other manufacturers find mutually exclusive – convenience, comfort, quality, innovation and value and offer it all to you in breathtaking floor plans and interior decors.

But we are not satisfied with mere good looks. So, we build the Montana as tough and durable as it is beautiful. Other manufacturers find it easier to talk about quality than to create it. Your peace of mind is assured because you are purchasing an RV worthy of its established reputation for quality.

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February is a very special month for me–it’s the birth month of my favorite person, my late grandfather AND the month when I first started ColorSutraa 3 whole years ago! Can you believe it? Oh how time flies when you’re having fun! The all-holo box for February will have Takko Lacquer as the special guest maker and February’s theme is ‘Elements’–if you’re into astrology and sun signs as much as I’m into, you’re going to LOVE this box!

This is such a lovely, ethereal shade of blue that really speaks to an Air sign like me! And the shimmers are to die for!

Tired of having to walk up a flight of stairs or across the room to turn on a light? The solution is to add a second switch in a convenient location. No more extra trips across the room or fumbling up a dark stairway. Controlling a light from two switches is a bit more complicated than first meets.

Either MCD Solo roller shade can also be manual or powered. This exclusive technology enables the user to touch-and-release the shade and it will slowly retract and gently stop at a predetermined height. Powered shades require a 12V DC power source and you can choose between either switch or remote control operation.

Switch motors are typically used for the windshield where existing power visor switches can be utilized. Remote controlled window shades can be operated with either of our 2-channel or channel remotes. Installations of our MCD Roller Shades allow you to operate each shade individually, as well as allowing multiple shades, such as all night shades, to open and close with the touch of a single button. The brackets and rollers for a Duo shade take up a 2″x4. Most valances will accept the window shades without any modification.

Depending on your particular valance design, there may be instances where the shade’s bottom hem rail and a little of the shade material may show. However, the overall appearance is still very pleasing.

swatch irony chronograph, vintage. 1996

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